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Insight-Oriented Therapy with Pear

Pear Wilson is a licensed clinical social worker trained in relational, psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Utilizing mind-body interventions, she specializes in treating adults experiencing anxiety and depression, life transitions, relationship issues, and mood imbalances. Pear received her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Smith College, MA and has provided therapy in a variety of treatment settings, including the outpatient psychiatry centers of Johns Hopkins and University of Pennsylvania, and the Wright Institute of Los Angeles.

Meditation & Breathwork with Priya

Dr. Priya Narayanan received a BA in Biology, graduating summa cum laude from Smith College, MA and received her MD degree from McGill University, Montreal. She currently heads an Assertive Community Treatment program in Los Angeles serving the needs of people with persisting mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Narayanan is also a senior faculty member with the Art of Living Foundation. She is a strong advocate for the role of alternative modalities of healing and promotes the yoga, meditation, and healthy living as adjuncts to conventional psychiatric treatment.

Many people have recurring ups and downs where feelings of depression and anxiety keep coming back, no matter what they do. Clients come to Sukshma for a new experience of self-discovery and transformation. One that finally works. Better. Faster. More effective.

We have found that psychotherapy and meditation go hand-in-hand, and that by combining these Western- and Eastern-based modalities for healing and self-growth, both traditions provide support for the other. Our clients experience immediate and cumulative mind-body benefits, which is supported by more than 100 independent studies demonstrating the efficacy of powerful controlled breathing on mental health.
The combination of therapy and breathing techniques brings insights and energy into the system. When your energy is high, you have greater self-awareness and capacity to process feelings and experiences. You’ll have numerous support points throughout the week.
COVID-19 has amplified mental stressors and relationship issues for most of us. That’s why we are committed to optimizing mental health at this difficult moment for as many people as possible.
Our intake processes review multiple factors to customize the breathing and meditation training for your needs. Certain mood disorders or past trauma indicators may require special attention as well. We make sure you’re taken care of through each step of your journey, so you can have an easy and safe experience.

Meet the self-aware,
in-the-moment YOU through this
East-West pioneering therapy

An immersive self-care program


People engaged in psychotherapy sometimes want to add meditation to their routine with an app or YouTube. But they find it falls short because of quality or level of engagement.
With Sukshma Therapy, you get an immersive group learning experience you can do at home, with an expert meditation teacher who is also a psychiatrist. Plus, you’ll have detailed guidance, can ask questions, and get ongoing support. from a teacher who will encourage you along your journey.
Building a regular meditation routine like this is powerful. With practice, you’ll feel empowered to handle negative feelings when they come up, and be in control of them rather than have them control you. You’ll have a feeling of peace and calm, with more understanding and compassion for others. And you can have fun doing it, connecting with others.

About You

Do you feel stuck?

Stuck in patterns and tendencies?

Stuck in your mind?

Are you feeling anxious and/or depressed?
Lonely and a sense of emptiness?
Unfulfilled in relationships and don’t know why?
Frustrated, overwhelmed, burnt out, exhausted?
At the end of your rope?
Do you have difficulty focusing?
Breaking away from old patterns?
Fear of looking inside because of what’s in there?
Difficulty making time for yourself?

Maybe you’ve been looking for solutions for a long time, tried different types of therapy, and still feel like something is missing. Perhaps you’ve put off getting help. Maybe you’ve tried psychiatric meds and haven’t found the relief you’re looking for.

You want to feel supported and guided, but just haven’t found that thing you can lean on for treatment and self-growth.

Now you’re really ready to focus on yourself. You long for an inner journey that will bring understanding and relief. You realize the patterns playing out in your life are repeating due to old wounds and unhealthy habits that get in the way. They keep resurfacing as anxiety and depression and now you’re ready to finally free yourself from this cycle.

If you want a fresh start with a clear path forward,
this is the program for you. We bring a holistic approach to psychotherapy.

Previous therapy may have built some foundation but didn’t get to the core of what’s holding you back. It didn’t address what fuels the cycle of self-doubt and self-loathing that perpetuates the use of superficial things to escape the negativity.
We will help you take control of your feelings rather than have your feelings control you. Feel more empowered again. Get clarity about what you want, start making the decisions that will help you get there, and become that bigger, better vision for yourself.

We Understand What You’re Going Through

Depression is characterized by low energy and sadness that can beparalyzing. It causes you to missout on opportunities to move your life forward because everything is slowed down and it takes time to address the symptoms. Goals seem out of reach, t which leads to lower self-esteem and hopelessness. You push people away because you don’t want them to see you feeling depressed. This is compounded by feelings of guilt and shame. You experience less intimacy and many other things in your life you care about and value, but they don’t feel attainable anymore.

Mood disorders cause you to feel out of control and unable to enjoy what’s happening in the moment. You can’t be present when you’re derailed by unpredictable ups and downs e. It can lead to feelings of despair because you can’t trust your own feelings.

Relationship crises happen when problems are not addressed and continue to build over time.

When communication patterns and trust  deteriorate in a relationship, it can lead to a crisis or corrosion in the overall happiness of the couple. It feels scary when the problems seem insurmountable and it’s hard to reclaim what was working, and keeping the relationship together, it’s scary.

Grieving death and sickness it’s hard to function. You need a lot of support, but it can be hard to accept that support. With close family, there are feelings of despair… even a shattered sense of identity and purpose. With friends who aren’t as close, it’s a sad time and a reminder of everyone’s own mortality.

Panic attacks are characterized by a decreased ability to function. Sometimes you avoid normal day-to-day activities because you think they might bring on a panic attack. Needing to be more isolated, can negatively impact self-esteem. You may think you’re doing better, and thenit comes out of nowhere, making you feel out of control. Over time, this erodes your self-confidence, causing you to shrink back into a protective shell, isolated from friends. It impacts family life and fuels self-doubt.

Parents experiencing distress and fatigue is understandable when you’re locked at home with your family all the time. This is a sudden and radical lifestyle change when you’re used to going to work and the gym while the kids are at school and engaged in their other activities.

Many of us are caught in a spiral of feelings of self-comparison, convinced that other parents are doing this better and feelings of self- doubt, concerned that we don’t have enough patience and competence. Irritable and completely overwhelmed, we need to find alone time to navigate the situation better, so that  we can stay safe.

You don’t want to feel incompetent. And you don’t want to miss out on the positive, because you’re stuck in these negative feelings. It leads to a perpetual self-critical loop — fear of being judged by others, of being seen as sick or weak of being different.

You may think you can deal with this yourself. But if you’re already feeling maxed and don’t take action, these issues could just get worse. When decompensated, it’s harder to dig yourself out. Feelings of shame build up, creating a bigger mental health crisis than it was originally.

Covid-19 is making it even harder to shift into
healthy habits and maintain a positive mindset

Help diffuse the extra
pressure of COVID,
so You can:

Feel like the best version of yourself again

Be in-the-moment and able to navigate what comes your way with ease and grace.

Take charge of your internal space and experience feelings without having emotions take over

Be less self-judgmental

Free yourself from the harsh internal critic

The first step to getting unstuck is to let yourself imagine a joyful future

With time, you’ll feel a weight has been lifted and dark clouds have passed. You’ll feel like yourself again. Waking up in the morning without feelings of dread and terror, you feel free, positive, and natural. Now you’re able to sleep deeply. You enjoy simplethings again. Creativity and enthusiasm return. Your relationships with friends and partners are deeper, closer, better. And you’re beginning to feel joyful again.

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Explore Our Programs